Once it is qualified, a COPE course is good for a period of three years. During that time, the instructor may present the course multiple times at different meetings. In order for COPE to know when and where the course was given and that the course was presented free from the control of a commercial interest, an Event must be registered with COPE and the promotional materials and certificate of attendance must be reviewed.

Important: Courses are not considered COPE-Accredited until the COPE Event is approved. Your attendees will not be given COPE CE credit unless your event has been approved.

Here's how the COPE Event approval process works:

1. Your organization must become an Approved COPE Administrator/Provider. For more information, see the administrator qualification page.

2. One approved, you can login to your COPE Administrator account and submit the event information with the list of courses that will be held at the event. (You should submit your COPE Event at least two weeks prior to your scheduled event.)

3. Once your COPE Event submission has been received, you will be sent an email confirming your submission and giving you the COPE Event ID number.

4. Your course(s) will be verified against our database of COPE-Qualified Courses. The promotional materials and certificate of attendance for your event will also be reviewed to make sure they meet COPE's criteria.

5. You will be sent an email notification when your event is approved. The courses that were COPE qualified are now considered COPE-Accredited Courses and can be promoted as such. Your event and list of courses will be posted on the ARBO website for access by optometrists and optometric licensing boards.

Please Note:
* All courses which will be held at your event must be COPE-Qualified prior to submitting the event. Please keep in mind that it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for a course to go through the COPE qualification process.
* Each COPE-Qualified Course has a unique COPE Course ID number. Your COPE-Approved Event will also be assigned a COPE Event ID number. You must include these COPE ID numbers in all correspondence to ARBO and on CE attendance certificates.

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