Course Qualification

CE Providers can save a great deal of time and effort by offering COPE courses at their programs. COPE-Accredited programs also attract the attention of more optometrists seeking CE for license renewal because of the almost universal acceptance of COPE courses by optometric regulatory boards. This means that when your courses are COPE Qualified, they will be more attractive to planners of state/provincial, regional, and national CE programs. CE Providers are able to search from a list of COPE Qualified Courses on our website giving your courses greater exposure to those committees planning CE programs. Gaining COPE course accreditation is a simple 3-step process:
  1. The course instructor submits a course for COPE Qualification on the ARBO website attaching a course outline, CV, relevant disclosure, and application fee. The course is reviewed by a COPE Reviewer and, if it meets COPE's criteria, is accepted as a COPE-Qualified Course.
  2. A COPE-Approved Administrator/Provider submits an Event for COPE approval on the ARBO website identifying the date and location of an upcoming event (e.g. meeting, conference, webinar, etc.) and provides the COPE ID numbers for the courses scheduled to be presented.
  3. COPE-Qualified Courses presented at an Event organized by a COPE-Approved Administrator/Provider are then considered COPE Accredited by all participating Boards of Optometry.

Should you need further information about COPE, or if you have questions about course submission, please call ARBO at (704) 970-2710 or email If you need more information on submitting courses or events to COPE, contact ARBO or view the following COPE Handbooks:

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